Automated technologies 
iFarm Leafy Greens

iFarm Leafy Greens is an industrial technology for growing plants vertically in a totally controlled environment. With vertical growth, farms can be situated in close proximity to consumers, shorten the supply chain and facilitate optimal harvests throughout the year.

Advantages of iFarm vertical farm technologies
Automation of all processes and special software
to manage them
Reduced staffing costs
Pesticide-free production enables sustainable growth and compliance with environmental regulations
Pesticide-free production
Any farm configuration is possible (from 50 to 1000 sq.m). Design, installation and setup takes about 3-4 months
Quick scaling
Over 158 plant production recipes ensure a varied crop selection
Varied crop selection
Indoor farming in urban areas facilitates year-round farm-to-fork production
Always fresh produce
Production, manufacturing, warehouse and storage— all in one place
Reduced expenditure
No agricultural knowledge or experience is required to start growing — all plant recipes are available in the iFarm Growtune platform
Easy to grow
Efficient use of space
Vertical racks maximise space and facilitate indoor, urban farming
Minimal water consumption
95% less water is used at vertical farms compared with conventional farming or greenhouses
No carbon footprint — Vertical farms eradicate long distance travel within the supply chain
The vertical farm offering includes
The vertical farm set for growing plants includes:

  • multi-tier iron structures;
  • equipment (LED lighting and power supplies for lamps; a fertigation unit; industrial osmotic installations for water treatment with trays and covers; IoT sensors; surveillance cameras, etc.);
  • germination chamber;
  • consumables (seeds, peat, fertilizers, cups, etc.)
Production site selection criteria
The land plot should comply with the land use regulation (agriculture / food production)
Floor bearing capacity 400 kg per m² in the growing area, 1000 kg per m² under water storage tanks
Utility networks should be designed observing fire safety regulations and to maintain inner air exchange
Sufficient electrical power with high availability
Ceiling height of 4.5 - 6 meters is be the best option, however lower ceilings are possible
High quality finishing as per HACCP requirements
Sufficient water supply and sewer system. Septic systems are only allowed for small farms (under 100 square meters)
Heating of any type suitable for regular human presence in cold climate zones
Availability of access roads for lorries, loading bay, waste collection area
Sandwich panel, cellular concrete, inflatable, or another type of building with insulation properties relevant to the climate zone
It is preferable, if the land plot is within 1 hour driving distance from intended delivery points, have convenient traffic interchange and public transport accessibility
7 stages of interaction with iFarm before starting
the first growing cycle
Getting to know iFarm technology
Take a virtual tour of our farm
Preliminary offer
Project evaluation based on individual parameters
Designing the farm
Signing your contract and funding the design. Providing a farm concept and estimated financial model
Signing contracts and payment
Signing supply contracts and equipment installation
Building the farm
Installation and setup
Initial planting
Learning to use our agricultural technology and planting the first batch of crops
Service maintenance
Contracts for the supply of consumables and for the use of the iFarm Growtune platform