Automated technologies
iFarm Berries

IFarm Berries technology is a modular vertical farm solution for the industrial, indoor cultivation of strawberries in a fully controlled environment. With our proprietary tech, you can grow delicious, pesticide-free strawberries all year round.

After three years of laboratory experiments, we launched the first vertical strawberry farm in Novosibirsk (Russia) and are ready to help build vertical farms of any size, in any region, using iFarm Berries technology.

Vertical farm components

With iFarm Berries technology, strawberries are grown in multiple layers in a controlled environment. This means that farms can be located virtually anywhere, including in towns, cities and urban areas. As a result, we can avoid complex supply chains and provide local residents with tasty, ultra-fresh, pesticide-free strawberries at any time of year.

Monitoring equipment
Climate equipment
Control unit with connection
to a cloud server
Equipment for solution preparation
and supply
Multi-tiered vertical tiers
Lighting equipment

How do we grow it
Vertical farms are managed using iFarm Growtune. This software facilitates remote farm management, including climate control, monitoring, plant scheduling, CRM, personnel control, prices and more.

iFarm supplies all consumables for the operation of a vertical farm, such as seedlings, substrate, fertilisers, bumblebees (yes, real bumblebees work as pollinators on our strawberry farms!), overalls, disinfectants, tools for employees etc.

Growing Method
Following three years of experiments in our laboratories, we’ve identified optimal growing methods for year-round, indoor strawberry cultivation. iFarm Berries technology uses the low volume hydroponics growing method with inert substrates and drip irrigation systems. It is an environmentally friendly, reliable and cost-effective method of growing great-tasting berries.
Why are our strawberries so delicious?
We grow strawberries where we sell them. Berries go from farm to consumer in less than 24 hours, which ensures our produce is always fresh
We only pick ripe berries - they contain the most sugars and vitamins B and C
We do not use synthetic pesticides. A controlled environment protects plants from diseases and pests, so our strawberries are ready-to-eat as soon as they’re picked
Our strawberry plants have firm and juicy fruits, an amazing aroma, and they are also very sweet (brix> 10 degrees)
We select the best varieties according to taste characteristics, yield, reliability of the nursery / variety holder
For the industrial cultivation of strawberries on a vertical farm, we have chosen a variety with a good yield and high taste of the berry (Brix level).

Our confirmed result:
  • up to 2–2.4 kg of berries per planting site per year;
  • the Brix level is more than 10 degrees.
Our strawberries
Advantages of iFarm vertical farm technologies
Strawberry vertical farms consume 80% less water than traditional agriculture and translucent greenhouses
Water saving
Production, processing, warehousing and storage in one location minimises expenditure
Cost savings
Short supply chains drastically reduce carbon footprints
Environmental friendliness
The closed air cycle
and controlled microclimate inside the farm avoid the use of non-biological pesticides, herbicides and acaricides
A closed ecosystem allows you to place production in cities and grow strawberries all year round
Product quality control
Vertical tiers maximise space. With no need for soil, farms can be installed in industrial premises, warehouses and workshops
Saving space
To use our technology, you do not need to hire agronomists and agricultural technologists - we will train your staff, and all the main production processes will be managed by the iFarm Growtune IT platform.
Easy cultivation
Fast scaling
Farms can be built in any configuration (from 200 to >1000 m²). It takes as little as 3 months to design, install and assemble a farm