Automated vertical farm
in a container
iFarm Container Greens

iFarm Container Greens — automated vertical farm in a container. Perfect for year-round cultivation of leafy greens, herbs and microgreens at or near residential homes, restaurants or shops.
iFarm Container benefits
Control the microclimate, lighting and watering via a regular smartphone with access to the internet or a local network
Remote management system
Technical rack with sink and removable landing table makes harvesting crops easy
In-container crop zone
No need for specialist agrotechnology skills
Process automation
In-container water filtration system purifies water from local supply or on-site well
Optimal water quality
Closed ecosystem and controlled environment
Completed sealed room within the container
Can be used in temperatures from -35°C to +45°C
Thermal stability
Seedling section available
Small dimensions - 20ft containers
Modular and scalable - containers can be be stacked on top of each other too
*Applicable to Romaine lettuce crops
Plants can be grown from seed and the yield doubled* via parallel growth in seedling and main sections
How does an iFarm Container work

The structure consists of a welded frame and three-layer sandwich panels with high thermal insulation properties. Each Container is equipped with a cable gland to connect the unit to an external power source.

Thermal layer
Reserve tank
Shelving modules
Air conditioner
Nutrient mixing unit and solution tank
Remote management
and monitoring system
Osmotic filter
iFarm Container Specifications

An iFarm Container can be installed wherever there is a connection to an electricity supply, the internet (for remote farm management) and a water supply (or organised water delivery)*

Welded frame material: 4mm sheet metal
Fire resistance grade: IV
20 feet
3 tonnes
Container type
Container weight
Racks quantity
Seedlings racks
Growing racks
Seedlings levels
Cells quantity
Seedlings cells
Growing cells
Growing area, m2
*Installation is carried out on a prepared site with a flat surface, with insulation depending on the region (country), and readiness for operation at extremely low temperatures.
Overall dimensions (LxWxH): 6250x2440x2930 mm
Internal height: 2500 mm
Outer perimeter area : 15,25 m3
Main models iFarm Сontainer
We accept individual orders for iFarm Containers and will happily construct the container to your required spec. For example, you can increase the height of a Container (up to three floors), add a glass wall, attach solar panels to the roof, modify the layout and install iFarm equipment to grow vegetables or berries.

Main model

iFarm Container Green - purchase a container and begin growing year-round ultra-fresh leafy greens and herbs immediately.

iFarm Container

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iFarm Container Berries

iFarm Container

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iFarm Container Veggies

*To clarify the lead time and cost of a custom iFarm Container, contact our team today