Vertical farming technologies by iFarm

Explore the range of smart technologies for professional cultivation in controlled environments
iFarm’s cutting edge technologies enable entrepreneurs all over the world to grow fresh crops locally and throughout the year. Based on different hydroponics techniques, each iFarm technology includes irrigation, lighting, climate, automation and farm management solutions, and vertical farming equipment as well as agronomic crop growth recipes.
Choose Your Vertical Farming Technology
Explore cutting-edge vertical farming systems with full-service support for cost-effective commercial
production of fresh and healthy foods
Grow salads and herbs in a controlled environment with Nutrient Film Technique hydroponics for plant irrigation. Automated, scalable technology with a wide range of crops available to grow.
Fully-automated hydroponic vertical farming solution for salads and herbs. Enables ultimate plant density and energy savings, with the minimum manual labor.
Cultivate microgreens at industrial scale with a vertical farming technology based on the Flood & Drain irrigation method, and get up to 55 harvests per year.
SaaS Platform for managing automated vertical farms, allowing you to achieve high-quality yield at predictable terms and reduce the cost of produce.
Grow full-flavored strawberries year round on a vertical farm using drip irrigation and pollination with bumblebees.
iFarm Automated farm system for commercial cultivation of vegetables in controlled environment.
Compactly packed iFarm Leafy Greens system for hyperlocal production of salads and herbs. Can be installed as an individual spot or container cluster.
Advantages of iFarm vertical farm technologies
  • Always-fresh produce
    Vertical farms can be situated in urban areas so that produce can be delivered to retailers and consumers when it's at its freshest
  • Pesticide-free
    The closed air cycle and controlled microclimate inside the farm avoid the use of non-biological pesticides, herbicides and acaricides
  • Fast scaling
    Farms can be built in any configuration from 500 to more than 20 000 sq.m. It takes just weeks to design, build, and start growing
  • Saving space
    Vertical tiers maximize space. With no need for soil, farms can be installed in industrial premises, warehouses and workshops
  • Environmental friendliness
    Short supply chains drastically reduce carbon footprints, and controlled environment agriculture methods don't impact the ecology
  • Cost savings
    Production, processing, warehousing and storage in one location cuts expenditure. With iFarm Growtune software, no highly-qualified employees are needed
  • Easy cultivation
    Process automation and farm management software reduces the risks of a vertical farming business and maximizes yields
  • Water saving
    iFarm vertical farms consume 90-95% less water than traditional agriculture and translucent greenhouses
Automated Vertical Farms with iFarm technology
An iFarm Vertical Farm is a modular system for indoor vertical farming, growing healthy plants all year round without pesticides.
Automated climate control, smart power control and our proprietary LED lighting ensure the plants are provided with everything necessary for rapid growth. As a result, the crop ripens twice as fast as outdoors. Vertical farms with iFarm technologies can be easily scaled from 500 sq.m to 20,000 sq.m.
Our iFarm Growtune software lets you continuously monitor the microclimate and manage every process on a farm — from planting to sales — in just a few clicks. It provides clear instructions for farm employees and monitors their work.
We never stop experimenting with crops at our R&D labs, aiming to improve crop quality and farm efficiency. Farm owners receive free updates of growth recipes through iFarm Growtune.
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