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We offer good solutions for city farmers. Using iFarm technologies businessman all over the world can locally grow fresh greens, berries and edible flowers all year round.

iFarm offers several automated technologies, including:

  • Software for vertical farm management;
  • Vertical farm (salads);
  • Vertical farm (strawberries);
  • iFarm Cropper module (greens).

You can buy from us wholesale or retail component parts: Led-lamps of our own design and solution units.
Software iFarm Growtune
iFarm Growtune — universal tool for vertical farm management.
  • helps accurately making planting planning in automatically mode by loading production as much as possible;
  • provides instructions to growers what to do and controls daily agrotechnical and technical activities;
  • provides tools for online microclimate and production monitoring at iFarm farms;
  • allows to get guaranteed harvesting in necessary terms;
  • significantly reduces farm staff load.
SaaS-platform of iFarm Growtune:
We are creating global self-learning system, that continuously improves agrotechnical maps for cultivated crops and grows high- quality produce in guaranteed terms attracting minimal human resources.
Vertical farms
iFarm vertical farm is a modular farm system for indoor urban agriculture. The technology allows growing pesticide-free healthy plants.
Automated climate-control system, smart nutrition and Led-lighting of our own design are providing plants with all of the macro- and micronutrients. We produce yield 2 times faster than that of traditional field farming.
Vertical farms
Our software monitors microclimate parameters, provides planting management, using demand forecast and sales data, as well as provides scenarios for farm personnel, monitoring it's implementation.
In iFarm R&D laboratories are continuously carried out experiments with various crops for improving plant characteristics and yield increasing. The farm owners receive free updates of technological growing maps in special application.
Vertical farms are easy scaled, it could be built of any configuration from 50 to 1000 sq.m. If you are interested in purchasing vertical farm, put an order for it and take necessary steps, starting from familiarization excursion to the premises search, design, installation, start-up activities payment.
We offer 4 solutions:
The vertical salad farm set includes:

  • multi-tiered iron constructions;
  • equipment (Led lighting and power supplies for lamps, solution unit, industrial osmotic installations for water treatment, pallets, caps, IoT sensors, video cameras etc.);
  • germination chamber;
  • consumables (seeds, peat, fertilizers, pots, etc.)
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Greens growing module
The module is like showcase, inside which fresh greens in pots are placed in special trays on several tiers. A range of crops, more than 10 salads and herbs are delivered every 2-3 days from distributed network of iFarm vertical farms. Adult plants are immediately ready for eating or sale, young plants will grow inside module.
iFarm Cropper greens growing module was designed for retail chains, restaurants or private usage and it provides ideal conditions for salads and herbs growing and storing. Plants in it can not only be stored after delivery, but also grow. Fresh produce on your table due to our technology.
To install a module you need access to electricity. Planting area and yield depends on the module size. iFarm Cropper is available in 3 basic versions:
Production and delivery period is up to 8-10 weeks.
*The average productivity ~3 kg/ per month in case of the module using for the full growth cycle.
Retail stores and restaurants in various cities of Russia are interested in the solution.
Vertical farm (strawberries)
Four methods of strawberry cultivation have been tested at our laboratories: periodic flooding method, drip irrigation using coconut substrate and coconut mats and aeroponics. We pick 10-15 berries 25-35 g each from 1 bush and strawberry produces fruit 3 times per season.
The vertical farm technology for garden strawberry cultivation in under construction/ in the process of launching. Strawberries are so demanding as a crop, that we are carrying out experiments to find out the most effective way for its cultivation.
We also carry out experiments with our own seedlings growing (from seeds and strawberry mustache) to bushe cloning for breeding strawberry crop.
Component parts
We sell not only turnkey vertical farms, but also component parts. You can buy solution units, equipment for preparing and supplying nutrients for plants, as well as Led-lamps of our own design, which provide crops with optimal light spectrum.
iFarm fertigation unit
Led lamp specifications:
Power — no more than 29 W
SST — 3000 K
Length 1.8 m, width 15 mm, height 6 mm, weight 200 g.
You can purchase from us Led full spectrum lamps for the plant, seedling and fruits growth and development acceleration. They allow plants to effectively go through the full development cycle - from seed germination to fruiting.
The body type and material:
aluminum, coated with anodized silver, transparent plastic lens.
Retail price (prom 10 pieces) — 75$ .*
Wholesale price (from 1000 pieces) — 63$.*
* the price is indicated per lamp without power supply.
The fertigation unit mixes water with mother liquors, which are added in portions using peristaltic pumps to obtain the desired composition of the nutrient solution.
It consists of:
  • pump;
  • valves;
  • ЕС and pH sensors;
  • PVC pipes and fittings;
  • peristaltic dosing pumps;
  • electrical and low-current elements, main controller.
One of the main advantages of the iFarm fertigation unit is the ability to mix any number of nutrient solutions for a variety of crops (salads, herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and edible flowers).