Vertical farm, Dubai, UAE

iFarm Leafy Greens Vertical Farming Technology
Growing area
730 m²

Agrotech company SpaceFarm (UAE) and iFarm have begun construction of a vertical farm using iFarm Leafy Greens in Dubai. The industrial facility is commissioned by private investors, who will generate passive income from the sale of produce grown here.

Designed for year-round cultivation of leafy greens and herbs, the vertical farm has a prime location. The farm is being integrated into a former warehouse building, with a total area of ​​354 m² and a ceiling height of 7.5 m. This space will accommodate 44 racks, including: 4 - with 14 shelves for seedlings, 20 - with 12 shelves for growing salads, 20 - with 14 shelves for growing microgreens. The total number of shelves will be - 576 pcs. A total cultivation area of 730 m² and a production capacity of 3.2 tonnes per month.

By growing crops indoors with iFarm technologies, SpaceFarm will cultivate produce that is currently unavailable in the region. Products will be supplied to the kitchens of luxury restaurants and hotels in Dubai, as well as sold through major retail chains, such as Waitrose, Carrefour, 7Eleven and LuLu.
Farm layout
iFarm indoor farming technologies

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