Start your vertical farm in the United States with iFarm

Turnkey vertical farming systems to grow fresh, healthy salads, microgreens and berries in a controlled environment

Start your vertical farm in the United States with iFarm

Turnkey vertical farming systems to grow fresh, healthy salads, microgreens and berries in a controlled environment
The Benefits of Vertical Farming Business with iFarm Technologies
  • 365-days of the most optimal, natural indoor growing conditions
  • Water-saving technology with 95% reduced water consumption
  • Predictable harvest volumes and accurate sales planning thanks to 24/7 digital monitoring
  • 1-stop shop: get full-service support from design to software and installation
  • Pesticides free production in the controlled environment near to the end-customer
  • Cost-effective solutions with 5-6 year payback period
Choose Your Vertical Farming Technology
Explore cutting-edge vertical farming systems with full-service support for cost-effective commercial
production of fresh and healthy foods

Ready-to-Use System for Your Vertical Farming Business

iFarm offers an integrated suite of services:
150+ plant growth recipes available, with new formulas constantly being created, tested and launched
Farm management SaaS for cost-effective growth
IT-platform, and a Support team for all your operational and marketing needs, including facility launch
Support and Updates
Highly reliable industrial infrastructure
Hardware and Automation
Full-service set up, farm launch and staff onboarding
Project design
Detailed financial plan and installation documentation
Interested in cutting-edge technologies for your future indoor farm?

Farms with iFarm technologies portfolio

iFarm’s Client Reviews

  • Anthony Briot
    COO, Capsum
    Indoor growing is perfect for the beauty industry, as it allows us to cultivate in a fully controlled environment free from pesticides and any harmful chemicals. iFarm’s technology fits the needs of our researchers, since they are able to vary a wide range of parameters.
  • Khalid M. Shokair
    CEO, Bather Farm
    This is a new era for Saudi Arabia and the hospitality industry is attracting professionals and tourists from all over the world. Until now, popular ingredients have been imported due to poor growing conditions, but we’re excited to bring locally grown produce to Riyadh.
  • Mark E. Zahran
    Co-Founder and CEO, Yasai
    The range of plant growth recipes available via iFarm’s Growtune software was critical to our goal of increasing crop and food diversity.

Calculate Your New Vertical Farm’s Profitability

Use the Calculator to choose an iFarm technology type and estimate the potential profitability of building a vertical farm in your area. Set your parameters and get a quote instantly
Go through your options in a meeting with your project manager
Learn about iFarm technology
Estimate the investment requirements for your project
iFarm provides free project evaluation based on individual parameters
Get a business plan and farm design
iFarm calculates an estimated financial model and creates a project design
Launch your farm installation
Sign the supply contract, and iFarm’s installation team arrives to fully set up your vertical farm and teach you to operate it
An Easy Way to Start Your Vertical Farm
Plant the first seeds
Plant the first batch of crops using our agricultural technology with the help of the Growtune software’s checklists
Stay in touch to receive full support
Source consumables, benefit from the iFarm Growtune platform, and consult with a Support team for all your needs
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