What we sell
We create excellent solutions for city farming. iFarm’s technologies enable entrepreneurs all over the world to grow fresh herbs, berries and edible flowers locally and throughout the year.

We also offer components for vertical farms that can be purchased wholesale or retail, including our proprietary LED lamps and fertigation units.
Vertical Farms
iFarm Vertical Farm is a modular factory for urban indoor vertical farming with technologies to grow healthy plants all year round without using pesticides.
Automated climate control, smart power control and our proprietary LED lighting ensure the plants are provided with everything necessary for rapid growth. As a result, the crop ripens twice as fast as outdoors.
Vertical farms
Our own software iFarm Growtune enables to continuously monitor the microclimate and manage every process on a farm — from demand forecasts to sales — in just a few clicks. It provides clear instructions for farm employees and monitors execution.
We never stop conducting experiments with crops at our R&D labs, aiming at improving their quality characteristics and increasing productivity. Farm owners receive free updates of growth recipes through iFarm Growtune.
Vertical farms can be easily scaled from 50 m² to 1000 m². To purchase a vertical farm, please send an inquiry and we will guide you through the necessary steps: a study tour, premises selection, payment for design and installation and, finally, the launch of the farm.
Growing Software
iFarm Growtune — a software platform for vertical farm management.
    • accurately and automatically plans and schedules plantings;
    • issues clear instructions on plant care for farm staff;
    • monitors work daily;
    • provides tools for remote climate control and production monitoring.
      The SaaS platform of iFarm Growtune:
      iFarm Growtune is a powerful self-learning system that is able to continuously improve its algorithms and guide you in growing crops at vertical farms with minimal human resources and within a precisely predicted time frame.
      Farming Equipment
      Besides turnkey vertical farms we also supply accessories. You can purchase fertigation units (equipment for preparing and supplying plants with nutrition) and LED lamps, providing crops with an optimal spectrum of light.
      iFarm fertigation unit
      Led lamp specifications:
      Power — no more than 29 W
      SST — 3000 K
      Length 1.8 m, width 15 mm, height 6 mm, weight 200 g.
      LED full-spectrum lamps accelerate growth and development of plants, seedlings and fruits.
      The body type and material:
      aluminum, coated with anodized silver, transparent plastic lens.
      Retail price (from 10 pieces) — $75 *
      Wholesale price (from 1000 pieces) — $63 *
      * the price per lamp without power supply.
      The fertigation unit mixes water with mother liquors, which are added in portions using peristaltic pumps to obtain the desired composition of the nutrient solution.
      It consists of:
      • pump;
      • valves;
      • ЕС and pH sensors;
      • PVC pipes and fittings;
      • peristaltic dosing pumps;
      • electrical and low-current elements, main controller.
      One of the main advantages of the iFarm fertigation unit is the ability to mix any number of nutrient solutions for a variety of crops (salads, herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and edible flowers).