iFarm joins global tech community HUB71 in UAE

iFarm joins global tech community HUB71 in UAE
The leading innovation ecosystem of the Gulf region Hub71 selected iFarm to join their incentive program to develop vertical farming technologies in the area.
Hub71 is the largest global tech ecosystem of the Gulf region, including more than 200 technology companies. Hub71 is a flagship initiative of the "Ghadan 21" economic accelerator program led by Mubadala Investment Company and backed by the Government of Abu Dhabi.

The Hub71 selection committee identified iFarm’s great potential, and soon the company will join the Hub71 educational program as well as get financial support to set up an office and R&D facilities.
«We are getting closer to our customers in UAE, Saudi Arabia and other MENA countries, enabling vertical farming businesses with iFarm's turnkey solutions for entrepreneurs and corporations. In the region, 3 vertical farms with iFarm technologies are already under construction, and with the support of HUB71 network we will establish new jobs to scale up in the region»
Maxim Chizhov
iFarm Co-founder and CBDO
Industrial vertical farms based on iFarm technologies are already under construction: Bather Farms in Al-Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) and Green Farm in Dubai (UAE). A farm in Qatar is at design stage.

Are you interested in setting up a vertical farm in UAE, or anywhere else in the world?