Working with iFarm

Here is a step-by-step guide to launching a vertical farm using iFarm technologies, that allows you to grow greens, berries and vegetables all year round.
1. We will check the premises you have chosen for construction.
It has to meet several requirements: it must be connected to a water supply, a sewerage system and electricity (the required power for 1 m² of the growing area is 200 kW / h). The floors must be strong enough to support the weight of the structure that consists of racks, pallets, pipes, tanks, lamps and other equipment, and the walls must have a thick waterproof layer inside, if not, it must be installed.

Good options include: basement of a multi-story building, supermarket, underground parking, unused metro station, a territory of an old factory, warehouse, hangar, shopping center.
2. We prepare a project model. We’ll work closely with you to collect all the necessary information on ​​the future farm: the cost of rent, water, electricity — to develop a project concept. It will contain a detailed plan of racks arrangement, ventilation, drainage and sewerage, a fire exit, general power supply networks, architectural and construction solutions. We will also prepare a list of construction and engineering equipment, an estimate, a financial model, project timeline and construction stages.
Cost: 50 € for 1 m² (by the floor area).
Timing: up to 4 weeks per farm with a growing area of 100 m².
3. We allocate tasks together. You can use the services of your own contractors to renovate the premises, prepare the water and electricity supply systems or get in touch with the authorized iFarm partners in your area.

Cost: depends on the condition of the premises.

4. We sign a contract, order and deliver equipment. We deliver LED lamps, racks, automated equipment and a mortar unit that prepares plant nutrition. You can buy the rest of the elements yourself or purchase through authorized iFarm partners. Around this time you will be able to start construction and repair work indoors.

Cost: depends on the size of the farm and the list of equipment to be supplied.
Timing: for a vertical farm in Europe — up to 4 weeks, in another country (e.g in Australia or the UAE) — a little longer.

5. We do construction works and connecting farm to our software platform. If you decide to install the equipment yourself, we will be happy to provide detailed instructions. Although we — or our authorized partners — will need to make sure that everything has been correctly assembled and is ready to work. This service — "installation supervision" is subject to additional cost. It includes start-up and commissioning of the mortar unit, the climate control system and setting up iFarm Growtune IT platform.

Term: 3-5 weeks for a farm with a growing area of 100 m², 3-4 months for a farm with a growing area of 1000 m².
Cost: depends on the number of people involved in the project onsite and their responsibilities.
6. We’ll plant the first seeds and learn your staff the necessary agricultural techniques. iFarm partners can plant the first batch of salads and herbs on your farm and teach your plant growers how to do that.

Timing: 2 weeks.
Cost: depends on the number of people to be trained.

The farm starts working. We make a monthly deduction for using iFarm Growtune of $ 1.5 per square meter of the growing area.
iFarm Growtune:
  • helps to automatically and accurately plan and schedule plantings, maximizing production efficiency;
  • provides detailed instructions (checklists) for plant care and oversees daily agrotechnical and technical tasks for you;
  • gives you 24/7 remote control over the farm microclimate and production by means of online tools;
  • allows you to get the predicted yield at a desired time;
  • significantly reduces the farm staff workload.
7. We provide warranty service and supply consumables (substrate, seeds, pots, packaging, fertilizers, etc.) on demand.

Cost: Depends on producer prices and the chosen fertilizers.
Example: How long does it take to launch a farm with a growing area up to 100 m²
Have a good harvest!