High-Tech Farming Meets Harmony: The Nuanu’s Farm Will Reflect the Tri Hita Karana

High-Tech Farming Meets Harmony: The Nuanu’s Farm Will Reflect the Tri Hita Karana
iFarm is pleased to announce the winners of the first-ever contest for a vertical farm design in Bali’s Nuanu, held in collaboration with the Nuanu community. The contest challenged architects to offer a design solution for a high-tech sustainable vertical farm that will be constructed in Nuanu in the fall of 2023.

We received over 150 interest requests from architects around the world. The panel of experts carefully evaluated each project based on a set of criteria, including the alignment with Nuanu’s vision and philosophy, complexity and cost of implementation, integration with the surrounding environment, and compliance with technical requirements.

iFarm and the Nuanu community are thrilled to announce the following winners:

  • 1st place: TREE OF LIFE by Anna Konoplitskaya

  • 2nd place: Bioshell by Highlight Architecture

  • 3rd place: Reflection by Geometrium Studio

Congratulations to Anna Konoplitskaya, Highlight Architecture and Geometrium Studio! All the three finalists will be awarded special prizes from Nuanu and iFarm.

The winner, Anna Konoplitskaya, will receive a contract to further develop her project and bring it to life in the heart of Nuanu City on Bali.

Her TREE OF LIFE vertical farm’s design proposal is based on the Tri-Hita-Karana (Three causes to prosperity) Balinese wisdom. Tri-Hita-Karana promotes harmony among fellow human beings through communal cooperation and promoting compassion; harmony towards God and harmony with their environment, which strives to conserve nature and promote the sustainability and balance of the domain.
The main highlight of the building is its showroom, which offers visitors a unique first hand view of iFarm's lush greens and vegetables grown with vertical farming technology. As the growing process requires controlled-environment agriculture practices, the main building has a distinct shape. Its exterior comprises bamboo panels that not only serve as a visual decoration but also act as a functional structure, dividing the space and creating an additional corridor for guests to walk under. This allows them to witness both the building's intriguing construction and its natural facade.

Visit our photo gallery to learn more about the winning projects and get to know innovative minds behind them.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who participated in the contest! Each of the projects impressed us with their exceptional talent, creativity, and innovation in the field of architecture.
Balinese culture and people inspired me to create the TREE OF LIFE. The Tri Hita Karana is reflected on the structural level of the building. The farm will consist of three elements, each of those will correspond to one cause to prosperity of the philosophy
Anna Konoplitskaya
Computer vision technologies in vertical farming
Anna’s project is inspired by the Balinese Tri Hita Karana philosophy of establishing harmonious relationships with divine forces, nature, and community. The main feature of the building is its showroom, which offers visitors a unique first hand view of iFarm's crops grown with vertical farming technology. The building's exterior is made of bamboo panels, serving both as a functional structure and a visual decoration.
Computer vision technologies in vertical farming
The building facade was designed to fit the concept of Nuanu, blending innovation, sustainability, and futuristic architecture. Resembling a Balinese flower, the facade features covered terraces with cafes, bars, lounges, and viewing areas. The cascading terraces, reminiscent of rice fields, offer breathtaking views of the landscape and river, while the facade is made of white tent-like structures or metallic/bamboo panels.
Computer vision technologies in vertical farming
The "Reflection" concept explores the interplay between people and their surroundings. The concept reminds us that we are not passive observers but active agents who can influence and transform the world. By creating the project, Geometrium Studio hopes to inspire people to engage with their environment in a more mindful way.

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