A Contest for a Vertical Farm design in Bali’s Nuanu city: Open Call for Architects

A Contest for a Vertical Farm design in Bali’s Nuanu city: Open Call for Architects
Nuanu City, a new creative and sustainable project in Bali, Indonesia, and iFarm, a global provider of vertical farming technology, are pleased to announce an open call for architects to design a state-of-the-art vertical farm.
The contest seeks innovative minds who can offer design solutions aligned with the town's vision and its architects' plans for sustainability and food safety while also contributing to the preservation of the environment and biodiversity of this beautiful subtropical region. We encourage submissions that incorporate harmonious biomimetic architecture to house rows upon rows of lush berries, crunchy salad leaves, and delicate tomatoes grown indoors in soft glow of LED lighting by ML-based technology.
Nuanu is a way of thinking. Its main goal is to find a base formula that sparks a chain reaction of positive changes in the world. In search of this formula, we aim to unite the most creative people around a sustainable concept of life, enriched with cutting-edge technologies, creating a platform where each creative thought can become a step into the future
Filipp Milash
the lead architect of Nuanu
Draft concepts will be evaluated and judged by a panel of experts based on a set of criteria. The top three finalists will be awarded prizes, with the second and third place receiving $1,500 and $500, respectively. The first-place winner will also receive a contract to further develop their design and collaborate with a team of experts to bring their vision to life. This opportunity allows the winner to shape the future of agriculture in remote islands around the world.

pplications was accepted from March 20 to April 07, 2023. The organisers will select the finalists, each of whom will be interviewed between March 25 and March 30.The detailed terms of reference and topographical survey will be sent to participants once they have registered for the contest.
About Nuanu: www.nuanu.com/

Nuanu is a new place in Bali that inspires an original way of living in harmony with one another and nature, testing new ways of learning, rethinking, creating, and seeking to impact society and regenerate our environment positively. Located in Nyanyi beach, just 10 minutes from the main tourist attraction, Tanah Lot Temple, it boasts two rivers that come to a confluence at the ocean, and 194m of oceanfront private beach. Our aim is to build an ever-evolving regenerative living systems game that integrates ecological harmony, community connectivity, and creative innovation in a way that models potential transformation points. Our community of local Indonesians, Nuanu residents, and global visitors embark on learning journeys that empower people to connect more deeply with themselves, each other, and the planet.