Greens around you:
photo story
iFarm new industrial vertical farm in Novosibirsk for all year round cultivation of greens has reached its full capacity. We tripled scale growing and improved technologies.
Farm (salads) with the planting area of 1014 sq.m. is located on one of the city arterial road at Bolshevistskaya str., 119a. It is convenient for produce delivery from here to retail chains and restaurants.
About 2 tons of fresh greens and herbs will be monthly delivered from 90 racks and 749 shelves. 8 crops are growing at smart garden beds with automated climate control system: Basil, Arugula, Kale, Romaine, Swiss chard, Pak choi, Satuday, Frize salad.
«Our first industrial facility (show-room, located at Nikolaev street,13, Novosibirsk, Academgorodok) can grow greens only for several restaurants and one store. Now with the help of the second facility, we will fully satisfy demands of large retail chains and restaurants" commented Dmitry Tarasov, Director of vertical farms network.
Mixed salad greens, cut, cleared and packed constitute 80% of the produce delivered from the facility. The final buyer can simply put it on a plate, add a sauce and taste fresh salad. The produce suites for restaurateurs, who save time on finding greens from different suppliers.
Another production system. A germination chamber exists here. According to the principal iFarm grower Nikolay Podvigin, it has 100% humidity and comfortable temperature (from 20 to 24°С). Seeds germinate in 2-3 days, evenly and in time.
The germination chamber allows to obtain high-quality seedlings.
Nutrient film technique installed at the new facility (in the first show-room plants receive nutrient from capillary mats). «We can determine the state of the solution, what substances the plants ate: if everything useful disappeared, we just change it. This approach helps crops grow several times faster," said Pavel Zeeman, head of iFarm engineering department.
Mother liquor ingredients, feed solution for plants
iFarm engineers updated IT-solution by including irrigation system management. Nikolay Podvigin notes that the software became much more convenient, it coordinates over 20 parameters.
November 06, 2019