Autonomous drones will help to observe plants
In cooperation with Azoft we started developing autonomous drones to making pictures of planting at iFarm vertical farms using computer vision (CV) technology.
«Hardware and computer vision algorithms indoors are tested now manually. The drone optimal size and configuration matters are decided, as well as security issues and the regulations for flying drones indoors», — said Ivan Ozhiganov, founder and business development director, Azoft.

The developers will start real test flights over the racks in four weeks.
Using CV technology will allow continuous monitoring of plants growing stages at vertical farms.

iFarm laboratories are carrying out experiments with computer vision technology. We are learning now how determine the weight of plant using its picture and identify necessary lighting mode in the ration of power been used and the speed of leaves growing. According to Oleg Kostenko, CPO, using autonomous drones will allow to get data faster and as a result make our neural network smarter.

November 01, 2019