iFarm Cropper
in «Azbuka Vkusa»
Pesticide-free growing
Use 90% less water
We keep fresh produce with great tasting
Over 30 varieties of salads and greens
iFarm team put iFarm Cropper growing module in «Azbuka Vkusa» located at Novaya Riga Outlet Village. The module is showcase
cabinet with pots of fresh greens and herbs, placed on several tiers in special boxes inside.
«Azbuka Vkusa» located at Novaya Riga is gastro market where a buyer is not walking along store windows with hand cart, but is coming to "Pizza", "Wok", "Smoothie bar" stations, it gathered many food- innovations. "Our iFarm Cropper fit it", — told us Andrey Shvetsov, iFarm product manager.

«Azbuka Vkusa» customers can buy "directly from the garden bed" 6 crops: Swiss chard, Pak choi, Romaine, Arugula, Frize salad and
Kale. They are interested in specifics of greens and herbs grown in iFarm vertical farms and how the module works.
iFarm team worked out two iFarm Cropper versions. In the first one plants undergo a full growth cycle: from a seed to a harvest; in the second one - they grow up within three to four days after delivery from iFarm vertical farm (this version is installed in «Azbuka Vkusa»). Cropper provides ideal conditions for greens storing and growing.

iFarm Cropper module can be placed either in a trade chain or in a restaurant. According to Andrey Shvetsov, partners can purchase
module of the standard size (one meter, two meters, two meters and a half), or order an individual size, that fit your facility. For instance, it will be built into a wall or a bar.
iFarm team is improving the module, developing software, that can analyze products sales in each store and generate a purchase order automatically.

«Customers are most interested in buying ultra-fresh greens that is cut just now from the pots, placed in Cropper. We are thinking about such possibilities, that will not disturb the microclimate inside the module", says Shvetsov.

By the end of 2019 Cropper will appear in some more «Azbuka Vkusa» stores. Negotiations are underway with other trade chains and restaurants in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Novosibirsk for module installation.

If you are interested in iFarm Cropper call us 8 800 700 3881 or send us an e-mail: mail@ifarmproject.ru.

November 11, 2019

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