iFarm Technologies in Dubai: open call for investors

iFarm Technologies
in Dubai: open call for investors
Investors that are looking for opportunities in the vertical farm space can become financial partners in a salad greens production facility to be built on iFarm technology in Dubai.
Our partners will begin building the farm to our specs as early as end-of-year 2021. 1st stage of commercial operations is scheduled to start in Q2 2022. Year-round production of salad greens and fresh herbs will take place in a warehouse building 17 km from the Burj Khalifa and 10 km from Dubai International Airport.
CEO iFarm EMEA Kirill Zelenski
The building has a total floor area of 630 m², with a ceiling height of 6 m. The production floor will fit one hundred 14-level shelving sections, for a total growing area of 1603 m².
Total production capacity is estimated at 6.1 tons per month. First, the production unique for the region will be shipped to luxury restaurants and hotels kitchens in Dubai City, the rest of the output is planned for sale through large retail chains: Waitrose, Carrefour, 7Eleven, and LuLu. iFarm EMEA projects facility revenue of about ~$ 130K/month. The planned payback period is about 6 years.

For additional information regarding financial participation in this project, please contact Kirill Zelenski, CEO of iFarm EMEA.