iFarm and Moomin Characters
have agreed to cooperate

In September 2020 Finnish Moomin-Mama Greenhouse stores based on Tove Jansson’s characters, will start selling salads and herbs from vertical farms using iFarm technologies.
12 types of greens, radishes and carrots grown in an environmentally friendly production without pesticides will appear on the shelves in S-Group and Kesko supermarkets.
“We are very proud that the products from our vertical farms will be marketed under the Moomin-Mama Greenhouse brand. Salads and herbs grown using iFarm technologies are rich in vitamins and minerals, contain amino acids and fiber, are super healthy and in all respects correspond to the greens that the caring Moomin-mother grows in her garden”, — commented Kirill Zelenski, CEO of iFarm Europe.
"In order for local companies to prosper and grow, they need to find new ways of attracting a broader target audience and develop new appealing products. We help them do this by licensing the Moomin brand and crafting a connective story around the partnership", — says Mr. Roleff Kråkström, CEO of Moomin Characters.
Moomin trolls are fictional characters in a series of books by a Finnish writer Tove Jansson. The first story about them was published in 1945. Currently amusement parks, shops and cafes work under the Moomin Characters brand. Thousands of books about Moomin trolls are sold all over the world (translated into more than 55 languages), as well as toys, T-shirts, diaries, badges, mugs and other souvenirs.


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