Save up to 70% of water: iFarm to launch a condensate reuse unit for farms

Vertical farming uses 95% less water than traditional agriculture due to smart, high-tech growing systems, water reuse, and recycling. It is a sustainable agricultural practice, but technology providers always look for ways to improve it.

In 2022, iFarm engineers patented a dehumidification system to reuse the water that plants evaporate as they grow, thus improving vertical farming sustainability.

The latest development by the iFarm team is a condensate treatment unit designed to recycle the condensate produced by air conditioning and dehumidification systems. Using this unit, up to 70% of the daily water generated by these systems can be saved (estimated for a vertical farm with a growing area of 2,000 m²).

The condensate treatment system consists of a condensate pre-treatment unit, a storage tank, and a pumping station. The unit can be installed in a new vertical farm or an existing production facility. Farm personnel can maintain the new unit without requiring engineering support.

iFarm now includes the condensate treatment unit as part of the equipment for vertical farms with iFarm technologies. The unit's payback period is estimated at less than three years.

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