iFarm awarded Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions label

iFarm’s universal data-driven technology for growing plants on automated vertical farms has received the ‘Solar Impulse Efficient Solution’ label. The prestigious accolade recognises technologies, solutions and companies that protect the environment while generating profits.

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Following a rigorous assessment by a panel of independent experts, iFarm was awarded the influential label under the ‘#1000 solutions’ initiative launched by the Solar Impulse Foundation. Designed to demonstrate the financial profitability of clean technologies to decision-makers in companies and governments, the endorsement highlights iFarm’s commitment to reducing climate change and increasing global sustainability.
What is the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions label?
Organisations awarded the Efficient Solutions label are creating products, technologies, processes and services that achieve key sustainable growth objectives while also facilitating job growth and profitability.
Solutions exist that are logical, more than just ecological, that can create jobs and generate profit while also reducing polluting emissions and preserving natural resources.
Bertrand Piccard, co-founder of the Solar Impulse Foundation
iFarm vertical farms performance examples
All of the solutions providers awarded the label are stringently assessed according to a range of verified standards, including:
The element of the assessment is designed to ensure that the proposed solution is technologically viable and feasible in a real-world environment. To prove feasibility, organisations must show that:

  • The solution is viable based on its use of resilient technology and concepts.
  • The solution can be scaled and deployed in real-world environments.
Environmental Impact
When determining whether an organisation should be awarded the Efficient Solutions label, experts look at its environmental impact at every stage of its lifecycle. To pass this element of the assessments, solutions must have the potential to enable a direct positive impact on the environment when compared to mainstream alternatives, with reference to the following elements:
  • Water use/materials use.
  • CO2 emissions.
  • Energy use.
  • Ecosystem preservation.
  • Air Quality
Finally, the profitability component of the assessment confirms whether the proposed solution can deliver economic incentives compared to mainstream alternatives and the potential to generate short-term profits to the seller, notwithstanding marketing activities.

As you can see, qualifying for the Efficient Solutions label is no easy feat. However, iFarm’s concepts, technologies and existing farms, clearly show that lucrative profits can be generated via our vertical farming solutions and that vertical farms can have a dramatic and positive impact on the environment. As a result, iFarm was awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions label due to its contribution to Sustainable Development Goals 6, 9 and 12: clean water and sanitation; industry, innovation and infrastructure and responsible consumption and production.

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Why iFarm?
Traditional agriculture is responsible for a considerable percentage of worldwide emissions and, as such, it is fuelling the climate crisis. iFarm’s technologies provide an effective and profitable alternative by bringing vertical farming to towns and cities all over the world.
iFarm vertical farms performance examples
With 95% less water usage, the use of renewable energy and short supply chains, the production of pesticide-free produce on iFarm vertical farms drastically reduces emissions, increases access to high-quality foods and generates high returns for owners and investors.
We’re thrilled that iFarm has been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions label and recognised as a leading provider of clean tech solutions. With the increased opportunities that are available to us under the label, we look forward to bringing our vertical farm technologies to a wider, global audience.
Max Chizhov, CEO of iFarm
About Solar Impulse
Founded in 2003 by renowned environmentalists and explorers, Bertrard Piccard and André Borschberg, in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, the Solar Impulse Foundation addresses environmental challenges through the lens of profitability.

Through its work, the Foundation highlights the economic potential of clean technologies and brings them to the attention of political and economic decision-makers. In doing so, the Solar Impulse Foundation is accelerating the implementation of clean and profitable solutions, fast-tracking environmental goals and facilitating the commercialisation of sustainable solutions.

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