iFarm has become a member of the Association for Vertical Farming

iFarm has joined the Association for Vertical Farming — an international organisation that supports key players of the industry, helping to promote the vision and importance of vertical farming as a sustainable way of producing fresh vegetables and greens all year round.

The Association for Vertical Farming (AVF) is an international non-profit organization with headquarters in Munich. The AVF has existed since 2013 and currently unites more than 50 companies and scientific universities to promote vertical farming and raise general awareness of its benefits. The AVF provides its members with opportunities to participate in unique educational and research projects, access to the community of farmers and investors, the opportunity to enter new markets through participation in marketing events, and access to the latest research and business analytics.
Unfortunately, in most of the EU countries we still observe on government level little or no support with funds or subsidies as well as strong influence by traditional agriculture. We should unite and make ourselves heard to make people and decision makers understand that VF has to become an important part of food production now for a better future of the planet.
Christine Zimmermann
chairwoman of the AVF
"By partnering with organizations like the AVF, who are making such a great effort to push the industry of vertical farming forward, we hope to fulfill our dream of the world where hunger is non-existent because people will learn how to produce food anywhere anytime employing modern technology. We are aimed at making the world a better place where food production is effortless, eco-friendly and accessible to all" — says Kirill Zelenski, VP of iFarm Europe.

Christina Zimmermann added that at the moment the AVF is planning to create its first research center in Munich where iFarm's experience and expertise will be useful.


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