Grand Opening

of Green Farm in Dubai

Grand Opening of Green Farm in Dubai

iFarm hosted the inaugural event for the first vertical farm powered by iFarm technologies in the UAE (Dubai). The event welcomed guests from the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA), Agritecture, Red Sea Farms, Google, and other guests from public and private sectors interested in developing and promoting high-tech farming in the region.
“Thank you to our dear guests for coming to the Grand Opening! It was the first time we hosted an event in the region, and it was important for us to express ourselves as a farming actor in the UAE,” says Nikita Zubko, managing director of Green Farm.
Green Farm is now open for visitors to experience vertical farming technologies firsthand, talk to AgTech professionals, and try ultra-fresh greens right from the shelf. Follow the link to book your virtual or in-person tour on the farm.

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Green Farm is the first in the world to grow crops using the new innovative iFarm Multigreens technology which allows different varieties of plants to be grown in the same space. Highly flexible production allows the farmer to easily adapt the product range to business objectives, demand, and seasonality.

With a focus on premium retail giants and HoReCa, the Dubai farm aims to cultivate over 3 tonnes of produce per month.

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