Automated technologies
iFarm StackGrow

iFarm StackGrow is a new generation of fully automated vertical farms for growing salads and herbs. The technology allows more efficient use of space and significantly reduces the amount of manual labor.

How does it work

On iFarm StackGrow farms plant trays move through the growing areas on a conveyor principle, on a special moving belt. Sowing seeds, watering, rearrangement of pallets in the main growing compartment, cutting and packaging of the crop take place without the participation of growers. The trays are automatically set from zone to zone according to the growing cycle. Production is managed using the Growtune platform.

iFarm Leafy Greens technology and
iFarm StackGrow technology
iFarm Leafy Greens
All the plant movements are done manually, but the growing itself is automated. iFarm Leafy Greens technology is best suited for small farms and countries with low employment costs.
iFarm StackGrow
All the farm operations are automated, minimizing the need for labor force. iFarm StackGrow technology is the best choice for large farms and for countries with high workforce costs or low workforce availability.
iFarm StackGrow benefits*


higher planting density

Efficient use of space


reduction in the payroll

Savings in personnel costs


reduction of average

daily electricity


Reducing electricity costs


reducing the cost

of greens

Profitability growth
*Compared to standard non-automatic rack construction