Karls Erdbeerhof and iFarm launch a joint R&D project to grow strawberries on vertical farms

iFarm and Karls Erdbeerhof plan to refine growing technologies and ‘plant growth recipes’ for year-round strawberry cultivation on vertical farms in Germany.

Karls Erdbeerhof, the largest producer of agricultural products and strawberries in Germany, and the agritech development company, iFarm, will engage in a joint R&D project in Rövershagen, Germany. Using the aeroponic growing method, Karls Erdbeerhof and iFarm will assess the viability and economic potential of large-scale, indoor strawberry production with the goal of developing ecologically sustainable growing methods for the future. The first experimental strawberry harvest is planned for the first quarter of 2022.

We strongly believe that the current concept of agriculture is changing dramatically within all it’s aspects over the next decades. Vertical farming as such is only a small part for a solution to a bigger problem. The key will be to let all technologies, solutions and ideas interconnect to create sustainable farming for the future. The intriguing part about vertical farming is that the topic is actually way broader than we can imagine. At this stage even the best vertical farm builders have only scratched the surface of what is possible. Experiencing iFarm´s Can Do!   attitude we believe that it is the right fit! Furthermore, iFarm shares some of the same partners, ideas and values as we do.

Axel Stelter
Karls Erdbeerhof
iFarm has already delivered a nutrient solution preparation system, climate control system, shelving structures and phyto-lighting to ensure the vertical farm is fully equipped with state-of-the-art growing technology and the equipment is currently being installed on site in Rövershagen. iFarm will also participate in the research and development process, with Karls Erdbeerhof managing the facility and conducting experiments. Once commissioning and installation is complete, the equipment will be connected to iFarm’s automated IT platform, Growtune, which will monitor and optimise production conditions and farm processes in real-time.

We hope that the future long-term partnership between Karls and iFarm will deliver a stable supply of fresh, tasty and healthy strawberries to German residents all year round, as well as cultivate growing methods that are environmentally friendly and sustainable well into the future.

We really happy to work with Karls, their more than 100 years strawberry experience combined with our technology can be exactly magic recipe to create best ever way to grow delicious berries whole year round. We hope that the long-term partnership between Karls and iFarm will deliver a stable supply of fresh, tasty and healthy strawberries to Germany and other parts of Europe”.

Kirill Zelenski
Reference Information

Karls Erdbeerhof — is the operator of Karls Erlebnis-Dörfer theme parks and the largest agricultural producer in Germany, specialising in the cultivation of strawberries. The company was founded in 1921 by Karl Dahl, near the German city of Rostok. Today, the company owns five amusement parks, each of which features farm stores, glass factories, restaurants and attractions.
iFarm — is an international agritech development company, delivering solutions, platforms and innovative technologies for plant growing and production on indoor, vertical farms. With 9 R&D labs, headquarters in Finland and operational and ‘under construction’ farms in Europe, the Middle East, Russia and the CIS, iFarm is a global company with a total cultivation area of ​​over 18,000 m². One of the company's products is iFarm Growtune, a cloud-based IT platform that automates farm processes and optimises conditions to ensure fast and abundant crop maturation on vertical farms.

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