Total laboratory area
28 m²
12 Nikolaeva street
In September 2020, a new iFarm laboratory for the development and improvement of agronomic and engineering solutions was opened on the territory of the Novosibirsk Academic Park and supported by the Novosibirsk Academic Park. Garden strawberries and edible flowers are grown there. In addition, there are experiments being conducted with automation, climate, nutrition, and plant protection.

This research site is unique as one equipment serves several technologies for growing different crops at once, and any of the laboratory rooms can be quickly re-equipped. It depends on the needs of the plants that the agronomists work with.
Compartment for garden strawberries
Growing area-14 m2 (3 racks, 10 shelves)
From September 2010 to April 2021, 5 plantings of 3 varieties of strawberries were made in two types of substrate (coconut and mineral wool). Agronomists harvested more than 50 kg of berries. They conducted dozens of experiments and several stages of equipment optimisation and cultivation strategies. As a result of the experiments, an industrial technology for year-round cultivation of garden strawberries was created, which formed the basis for the first vertical strawberry farm in Novosibirsk.
Compartment for edible flowers
Growing area — 8 m2 (4 racks, 8 shelves)
Since the launch, more than 10 types of flowers have been grown, several types of substrate have been tested (coconut, mineral wool, peat), a technological map of growing on viola has been created. Agronomists conduct experiments with optimal nutrition and lighting (lamps with different spectrum) for each crop. They are also engaged in cutting grafting of rosemary, nasturtium, thyme, spotflower, cloves, etc.
Laboratory for Agrochemistry and Plant Protection
Laboratory area — 6 m2
Laboratory equipment allows to conduct various studies of vegetables, berries and herbs, as well as substrates, nutrient solutions and drainage quickly, efficiently and reliably.
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