Hotel Akureyri, Iceland
Growing area
71 m²

The project in Iceland is the second case when the owner of a ready-made vertical farm comes to us for the purchase of the iFarm Growtune SaaS platform for managing business processes and personnel on the farm.

The customer of the cloud solution is the owner of a city farm at Akureyri Hotel, located in the small town of Akureyri on the coast of Northern Iceland. The 100m² vertical farm was built by local enthusiasts and automated with a set of simple Grow Director sensors. Herbs, salads and microgreens for the hotel's restaurant will be grown there year-round, as well as supplying several cafes in the area with greens.

The client turned to iFarm in November 2021, when the production was put into operation.
The key requests of the customer when choosing software were:
  • the presence of a module for planning planting and loading the farm, taking into account a different assortment of crops;
  • the presence of a checklist module for plant growers and production monitoring, since the chief agronomist is not on site every day;
  • the presence of a block for the formation of one-time orders and periodic subscriptions to greens, since it is planned to sell salads and greens to neighboring cafes;
  • sending alarm notifications in Telegram to employees, a remote agronomist and a hotel manager about problems or failures.

On the recommendation of our technical specialists, the owner of the vertical farm subscribed to iFarm Growtune at the AGRO tariff.

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