Growing area
1295 m²

The iFarm Leafy Greens vertical salad farm will be launched in 1st quarter 2022 in the city of Narva (Estonia). The growing area of the object is 1295 m². The construction of the city farm is carried out at the expense of private investors, who will receive payments from the sale of greens grown after the launch of the farm.

The farm will be located in Narva Technology Park Enefit. We chose this area for a reason - the technopark has a well-developed infrastructure, its own high-power plant and favorable electricity tariffs for residents.

The enterprise in Narva will focus on two regions - the Baltic States (Estonia and Latvia) and Northern Europe (Finland). This is the first time when products from vertical farms, built using iFarm technology, will be supplied not only to the local market, but also to the markets of neighboring countries, subject to a short logistic leverage. For example, transporting ultra-fresh greens from an Estonian farm to Helsinki will take 4 hours.

We plan to create a profitable and sustainable system of year-round cultivation of edible plants on vertical farms in European countries with low taxes and payroll costs.

Financial indicators
8 years
Payback period
Growing area —
€ 1,2M
Annual turnover
1 285 m²
Premises area —
425,2 m²
Farm layout

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