Growing area
1 492 m²
Production volume per month
4,8 tons
In 2021 representatives of the greenhouse industry showed interest in iFarm vertical farms. Our client from the Amur region owns a large (about 6 hectares) greenhouse complex, where he already grows tomatoes, cucumbers and classic greens. He took out a loan from the Russian Agricultural Bank to launch a vertical farm in Blagoveshchensk using iFarm technologies.

A separate building was built from scratch for the production of salads. The farm is managed using the Growtune IT platform, which allows you to get a quality crop in a predictable time and reduce the cost of production.

The salad farm's product portfolio consists of 12 crops, including arugula, basil, Romano lettuce, kale, chard, bok choy, satudai, frise, spinach, iceberg, red sorrel, mizuna.

We decided to add a vertical farm to our production portfolio because we want to expand the range of salads and herbs. And this technology allows to harvest all year round. In summer, in a translucent greenhouse, due to the large amount of sun, green crops are not grown, it falls for three whole months! Growing plants in a controlled environment indoors is an opportunity to always be on the market with quality products

Lozovsky Andrey, general director Teplichny Ltd.


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