Capsum, France

At the end of 2021, iFarm began constructing a small laboratory on behalf of microfluidics cosmetics start-up, Capsum. Situated within the company’s existing Research & Development site at its Marseille plant, the mini-laboratory will enable Capsum to cultivate their own high-quality ingredients for new cosmetic formulas.

Using iFarm technologies, Capsum will grow a range of crops, including microgreens and flowers, and create and test their own plant varieties based on iFarm plant growth recipes. iFarm Growtune software will be used to manage the scientific mini-farm, giving Capsum the requisite tools and data to optimise plant growth and maximise yields.

The mini-laboratory will consist of four rooms: an engineering room where the automation control system will be located and three additional growing rooms with experimental racks. This set-up will allow Capsum to conduct experiments, test new plant varieties and streamline its supply chain with pesticide-free cosmetics ingredients being grown on site.
Capsum uses only natural ingredients to create its beauty products. The company plans to build its own industrial vertical farm in order to produce environmentally friendly raw materials all year round.”

Anthony Briot
COO, Capsum