Growing area
Production volume per year
455 m²

10 tons
IG International is the first iFarm client in India. It is a major fresh fruit and berry supplier with plans to build the world's largest strawberry farm in Mumbai. The customer shares the values of sustainable agricultural development in a controlled environment and is already implementing different approaches for this. In particular, the company uses solar panels to generate electricity.

The cooperation involves the creation of a joint venture for the development of iFarm Berries technology in India. The first step will be the construction of a laboratory farm. The cultivation area will be 455 m². The lab will host various experiments with light, climate, AI/CV monitoring and prediction tools, and the development and deployment of new varieties available in the Growtune software.

The start of construction is scheduled for May 2022, the opening - October 2022.

Growing area —
455 m²
Number of strawberry bushes per cycle on 9 racks —
Farm layout

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