Our produce
Fresh and pure greens for you to eat healthy
We precisely control every aspect of cultivating, from quality to plant's health, optimize its taste, texture, color and value as we want you to get the best local produce
With regular checking of productivity, our plants are treated the best way as they growing
Our produce is certificated by EEU and have all the CE marking needed
iFarm technology allows growing any crop all year round: lettuce, herbs, cucumbers, tomatoes, radish, strawberry, medicinal herbs and flowers are planted in our vertical farms and modular greenhouses. We take orders on that many plants as you need. Now our vertical farms in Novosibirsk are focused on producing basil, arugula and kale; we're thinking about bringing spinach, lemon basil, swiss chard, cilantro and mint into as well. We try to apply our technology for growing raspberry, and rare berries such as white wild strawberry that is non-allergic, and others.
Our produce
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The experiments
Crops are being tested at the laboratories and will be available at farms as of 2020.
Salads and herbs
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Supplying fresh greens to
restaurants, coffee shops,
groceries and food chains

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We work with
Founder of Dodo Pizza Franchise
I've been to iFarm smart greenhouse and I swear, I felt like a Ridley Scott's martian. Alexander Lyskovsky, serial entrepreneur, founder of Alawar, and his team are working on amazing things. They develop smart greenhouses – automated complexes, managed by
iFarm software, and designed to grow organic vegetables thus eliminating human factor in the process. It's not about hydroponics only, seems like cucumbers grow even better there. These greenhouses will be on the roofs of our apartment buildings. I am so proud of having such innovative companies in Russia!
Chef of Twiggy Bar & Restaurant
As soon as we'd tasted greens and herbs grown by iFarm, we decided to sign supply agreement right away. Lettuce leaves do not lose their crispy texture even after cooking, what is a huge plus for us. Also, we're absolutely in love with flavorful, aromatic basil and arugula!
Brand Chef of New Mexico, Grill & Butyl, Zhit Khorosho restaurants
Doubt is a best chef's friend. New technologies and products always seem hard to take. So I was much of a sceptic when we got our first supply from iFarm,
I scrutinized every detail. Herbs in the pots wilted in a day, leaf romaine instead of the head one, arugula tasted poorly and more mustardy. I was like
"Oh, what on earth is that?" Looking back now, I admit that appearances can
be deceiving. It's all about getting used to, tasting. Turned out that those herbs in pots should be watered and cared for; and is if by magic they recover, become crispy, fresh and juicy again. Taste is needless to be described,
absolutely rich and well textured. iFarm supply the best organic plants
with no chain, chefs are free to choose whatever they want to as iFarm offer plenty of crops. I was lucky to taste their crunchy cucumbers that are awesome. Can't wait to try the flavor of strawberry.