iFarm Vertical Farming
in Qatar

Get a turnkey vertical farming solution to start your own business

Why to start vertical farm in Qatar?

Water save technology
99% less water consumption

Any climate conditions

Harvest all year round

Profitable business
Payback in 3-6 years
Domestic production
Empowers food security and enables support from institutions

iFarm delivers IT-driven solution
to start vertical farming business in Qatar

The vertical farm set for growing plants includes
Ultimate hardware infrastructure including racks, equipment, fertigation chamber

Process Automation

A complete set of industrial automation and IoT sensors
Farm managment software for cost-effective growth
Choose from 3 turnkey solutions
iFarm creates cutting-edge technologies and offers full-service support for growing greens, berries, and veggies in automated vertical farms of all sizes. Our Growtune farm management software, growth recipes, and delivery of seeds and other supplies make it easy to take advantage of the benefits of local, efficient vertical farming.
iFarm Leafy Greens
Modular system for indoor urban farming
iFarm Berries
Solution for growing strawberries indoors all year round
iFarm Microgreens
Automation technology for growing microgreens
6 steps to start the first growing cycle
Know iFarm technology
Take a virtual tour of our farm with your project manager

Choose a facility

iFarm provides free project evaluation based on individual parameters
Get the farm design project
Sign your contract and fund the design. In addition, iFarm will provide farm concept and estimated financial model

Wait for installation

After signing supply contracts, iFarm installation team will arrive soon to make a full setup of the vertical farm
Plant the first seed
Learn to use our agricultural technology and plant the first batch of crops according to IT-platform checklists.
Stay in touch to receive full support
Supply consumables, use the iFarm Growtune platform, and consult to Support team for all your needs

Do you want to build your own farm using iFarm technology and grow fresh salads or strawberries all year round?

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