iFarm Growtune
Data-driven Vertical Farming Platform
iFarm Growtune – is a SaaS platform for automated vertical farming.
  • Offers ready-made plant production formulas
  • Helps to automatically and accurately plan sowings with maximum use of farm capacities
  • Provides farm staff with detailed guides on plant care and controls daily farm operations
  • Offers online-tools to manage environment parameters and production
  • Allows to accurately forecast yield volumes and harvest in predicted times
  • Significantly lowers workload
iFarm Growtune:
Thanks to the library of ready-made plant production formulas (or plant recipes), created at our labs, and a set of online tools anyone can harvest a variety of more than 100 crops within precisely predicted times.
At the heart of our solution are such modern technologies as IoT sensors and controllers, automated irrigation and climate control systems, computer vision and machine learning
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