Vertical Salad Farm
Growing Area
Monthly product volume
910 m²
~1,8 tons
Istrinsky District, Moscow Region
A vertical farm based on iFarm technologies will begin operations in the town of Istra in Moscow Region. Istra has a population of 37,500, and there are about 20 grocery stores in the city.

The client became interested in iFarm vertical farms to locally grow edible plants back in 2019. However, quarantine restrictions forced a delay in launching it. In 2022, a brand-new building was constructed to host the vertical farm with an area of 600 m². Now finishing touches are being made on the interior, after which equipment installation will begin. They plan to plant the first seeds in January 2023.

The total growing area of the vertical farm is 910 m². 688 m² of those are dedicated to growing salad greens (estimated at ~1.8 tons of greens production monthly), including a 152 m² area for seeding. The rest of the growing area is reserved for growing edible flowers and possibly strawberries.

The product portfolio will include popular salad varieties and herbs: arugula, basil, romano, kale, chard, bok-choi, red lettuce, frisée, spinach, iceberg, and redvein.
Technology-enabled and high-producing hydroponic vertical farms give us the ability to locally grow a wide assortment of ecologically pure vegetables and greens. This will decrease our dependence on imports in the non-growing season. Most importantly, the short logistics chain will let us completely exclude the use of toxic preservatives used for extended storage, which are a hazard to health. 
Maria Vagilova, entrepreneur
3,5-4 years
€ 3 177 725
Area —
910 m²
area —
600 m²
Total number of vertical farm sections —
75 units
Farm layout

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