Growing area
3 596 m²

A large vertical farm using iFarm technologies was launched in April 2022 in the popular ethnographic park and museum Ethnomir. This is a huge complex of open-air exhibition buildings that tell about the nations of the world and their culture to hundreds of thousands of visitors a year. Ethnomir is located just 90 km from a major city and is home to a purpose-built vertical farm with a cultivation area of ​​3596 m² and a production capacity of 8 tons of greenery per month.

The three-story building houses three separate growing areas, as well as packing, processing and sowing.

For the first time, the Etnomir vertical farm uses three additional lighting zones to minimize energy consumption. The large growing area is divided into three sections, each with a different lighting schedule throughout the day. This reduces power consumption during peak hours and flattens the power consumption curve.

Ethnomir has also installed an automated product packaging line, which will ensure efficient packaging of products grown on the farm right on the spot.

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