Project Manager
Department of Implementation
iFarm is looking for a Project Manager who is great at organizing information. Project management skills are important, including knowledge of related computer programs and tools.
Fluent English and the ability to work with people effectively are essential skills.
●      Putting in order tasks, deadlines, projects in Jira / Confluence / GoogleDisk
●      Decomposing Top Management meeting notes into smaller tasks and assign the person in charge to do so
●      Track task completion by company employees
●      Describing in Confluence all project management rules in the company. Ensuring that these rules are followed. Providing related training to those employees who need assistance with the program.
●      Fluent English and Russian
●      Ability to write in both languages clearly, concisely, and structurally
●      Understanding the principles of project management
●      Strong knowledge of Jira / Confluence and extensive experience using and configuring them
●      Ability and wish to teach people new knowledge (project management)
●      Ability to decompose large tasks and goals into smaller ones
●      Attention to detail and responsibility
●      Flexible schedule
●      Remote work possible
●      Informal friendly atmosphere - people are on a first-name basis
If you are interested in the position, please send your CV to
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